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Setting up Synology NAS Media Services with Apple TV Pretty much all current Synology DiskStations and RackStations can function as a media server, including to an Apple TV, but I personally found it very difficult to find an actual "how-to" guide and wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out.

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Synology has created their own movie streaming app called ds video and it can be installed on most devices. I have it installed on my Apple TV and Samsung TVs and it runs perfect. The Samsung app could do with an update to make it look more like the phone and Apple TV version. Here’s a screenshot of THE WIZARD on the Apple TV after being added to iTunes, being served from the Synology… Next up, I’m hoping to give you a detailed walkthrough of the LAGG/LACP configuration of the Synology 1813+ and the Cisco SG300. Let me know in the comments if I missed anything, or what else you all would like to see! Enjoy! Feb 24, 2020 · Some Synology like a dual-bay DS216 has hardware-assisted 4k h.264/h.265 as it is geared towards media server. Since you are using your NAS for photos (which are invaluable data), you want it to be Video Station supports playback via web, Roku, Android TV, Android phones, iOS, Apple TV, Windows 10 devices, and more. It's possible to run Plex on the Synology NAS and AppleTV. Now we talk NAS. I have to admit, that the Synology DS have some good UIs for those things. But if you want to do more than just sharing Music, you are pretty much stuck in the mud. So how to go about it ? At first, I would not recommend any of the Apple-Solutions. iTunes is a pain if you want to centralize it.