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TCP Tracepoints - Brendan Gregg Mar 22, 2018 what - Why is the probe method needed in Linux device Linux kernel uses a hardware device matching a software device driver process.init is called very early, and registers probe function and a hardware device name like "taiko_sound_card", to the kernel. This is to tell kernel that "I am sw driver for this device of this name". When the kernel goes through hw devices (device tree or bus enum), and finds a match, it will call your registered probe Cisco Business Dashboard & Probe Installation Guide for Linux Jul 13, 2020

linux-boot-prober(1) General Commands Manual linux-boot-prober(1) NAME linux-boot-prober — Determine boot characteristics of a specified device. SYNOPSIS linux-boot-prober DESCRIPTION The linux-boot-prober utility will try to work out how to boot the linux root partition specified by .

Jul 13, 2020 Error wiping device failed to probe the device - Apr 02, 2020 probe-basic · PyPI

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Aug 18, 2014 · PRTG Network Monitor already offers a set of native sensors for Linux monitoring without the need for a probe running directly under Linux. These sensors gather monitoring data via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), SSH (Secure Shell), or WBEM (Web-Based Enterprise Management) and run on the Local Probe or the Remote Probe of a Windows system located in your network. ./perf probe --del='schedule*' Add probes at zfree() function on /bin/zsh ./perf probe -x /bin/zsh zfree or ./perf probe /bin/zsh zfree Add probes at malloc() function on libc ./perf probe -x /lib/ malloc or ./perf probe /lib/ malloc Add a uprobe to a target process running in a different mount namespace ./perf probe --target