Internet censorship in Sudan: Rethinking laws and tactics

Oct 01, 2018 The culture and politics of Internet use among young In what seems to offer a manifestation of government “schizophrenic” approach to new technologies, censorship in this realm of communication was intensified, while at the same time some key decision-makers were lauding the power of the internet: as Kuwait’s former minister of foreign affairs said in a public lecture, “It has long been Everything you wanted to know about internet censorship in Internet Censorship and Surveillance in Russia”, published today, RSF traces the development of internet censorship in Russia since the mass protests against Vladimir Putin in 2011/12. It documents the large number of laws adopted since then which are intended to ban certain content, increase monitoring of data traffic and make anonymous How to get a Kuwait IP address from anywhere (for Free Aug 22, 2019

While in Kuwait, internet censorship was complemented by physical surveillance in internet cafes.

Saudi Arabia Guide: Censorship in Saudi Arabia, Limited Blocked sites. More than 5.5 million sites are blocked by Saudi Arabia’s national firewall, including sites relating to; porn, LBGT+ and human rights issues, terrorism, critic against the kingdom and/or the royal family, anything against Islam and satire. Individual sites are also frequently blocked and unblocked depending on the political atmosphere.

censorship in Kuwait and its effect on the creative arts

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