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The OpenConnect VPN client has (nascent) support for Juniper SSL VPN. Pulse Secure actually is supported on Linux. The Pulse Secure client pulsesvc is essentially a drop in replacement for ncsvc. How would medieval-era warfare adapt if all access to wood was suddenly cut … Juniper/Pulse Secure VPN on Linux (2015 edition Prelude. Some time ago, Juniper Networks sold their beloved Junos Pulse SSL VPN, and thus new company called Pulse Secure was created. Which resulted in Pulse Secure client, which is used to establish secure authentication to the (VPN) tunnel. Juniper Junos Pulse Secure Access Service IVE OS (SSL VPN Synopsis The remote device is missing a vendor-supplied security patch. Description According to its self-reported version, the version of Juniper Junos Pulse Secure Access Service IVE OS running on the remote host serves out a Network Connect Client, a Java-based VPN client, that is affected by a local privilege escalation vulnerability when run on Linux end-user systems. JUNIPER NETWORKS PRODUCT BULLETIN The ability to suspend or exit an SSL VPN tunnel set up by Junos Pulse Secure Access Service without losing session context is a feature currently supported in Pulse Secure Access Service’s Network Connect, and it has now been added to Junos Pulse 4.0, working with Junos Pulse Secure Access …

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The OpenVPN SSL VPN is a software package that is currently available for six flavors of Linux: Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and openSUSE. The Windows users have a new client "Juniper Pulse" to connect to the Juniper VPN server. On Linux, what VPN client do we have to connect to that Juniper VPN, with maximum compatibility? Please mention the necessary parameters that have to be provided. Responsibilities: Management, Configuration and troubleshooting of Data Center higher end network equipment (i.e. Juniper MX960 Routers, SRX 3600 Firewall in cluster mode, Juniper EX8216 Core Switches, Juniper Secure Access 6500 for SSL VPN, Juniper EX4200 Access Switches) for the LAN services (VLAN, Virtual Chassis, STP, Port Security etc), WAN services (OSPF, BGP, MPLS (L3/L2 VPN, VPLS Unspecified vulnerability in the Linux Network Connect client in Juniper Junos Pulse Secure Access Service (aka SSL VPN) with IVE OS before 7.1r18, 7.3 before 7.3r10, 7.4 before 7.4r8, and 8.0 before 8.0r1 allows local users to gain privileges via unspecified vectors. 3 CVE-2014-2291: 79: XSS 2014-03-14: 2017-08-28

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SSL certificate Installation Instructions for Juniper To Install your SSL certificate on a Juniper system perform the following. Step 1: Downloading your SSL Certificate & its Intermediate CA certificate: If you had the option of server type during enrollment and selected Other you will receive a x509/.cer/.crt/.pem version of your certificate within the email. Juniper Two Factor VPN & Linux - Black Hills Information