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Astrill VPN is a privacy-focused VPN service provider. Astrill has a strict Non-logging policy, so no data or logs will be kept. There is unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switching and unlimited speed. If you have any problem about the Astrill Service, you’re welcome to ask Astrill … Astrill Setup Manual:How to configure PPTP on iPhone and For Description: type Astrill PPTP For Server: See Servers List For Account: type your Astrill account email address For Password: type your Astrill account password Once you are done, tap on Done . STEP 7 VPN vs. Tor – Which is Better? – Astrill VPN blog

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Astrill VPN Review - A Shining Star? (TESTED) | Logging policy: Somewhat unclear. Astrill does not log any activity or cookies of any kind from any of its users. It does, however, keep the last 20 connection logs with the time of connection and length of the connection. This may be concerning to some users; however, Astrill maintains that this is used for customer experience research only. What’s Astrill VPN? - YooSecurity Removal Guides

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Jul 15, 2020 · Its logging policy is also a safe one, only storing data while you’re connected and deleting it once you terminate the VPN connection. If only the same country speeds were faster, though. Until we see the speed loss get closer to 10%, you’re better off using one of these fast and private P2P VPN services .