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Security Parameter Index - Wikipedia The Security Parameter Index (SPI) is an identification tag added to the header while using IPsec for tunneling the IP traffic. This tag helps the kernel discern between two traffic streams where different encryption rules and algorithms may be in use. What is SPI firewall | NordVPN - Best VPN service. Online Aug 30, 2019 Learning about ASP tables, SPI and VPN contexts - TunnelsUP ASA# SHOW ASP TABLE VPN-CONTEXT DETAIL | begin 922FAC VPN CTX = 0x00922FAC Peer IP = Pointer = 0xD91404E8 State = UP Flags = ENCR+ESP SA = 0x1664DD33 SPI = 0xE5C56C30 Group = 47 Pkts = 362631 Bad Pkts = 0 Bad SPI = 0 Spoof = 0 Bad Crypto = 0 Rekey Pkt = 44 Rekey Call = 44 VPN Filter = "rec'd IPSEC packet has invalid spi" errors in VPN connections

Make sure “SPI Firewall” is enabled (3). Lower on this page you need to set “Log” to “Enable” (4) and set it to “High: (5). Now you should “Save” (6) and “Apply Settings” (7). Now you should switch to “Services” tab (8), select “VPN” (9) from there and “Enable” (10) OpenVPN Client.

When the IPSec peer receives the packet, it looks up the SA in its database by destination address and SPI, and then processes the packet as required. In summary, the SA is a statement of the negotiated security policy between two devices. Figure 1-22 shows an example of differing policies between peers.

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